Click here to see a demonstration of Argentine Tango Fantaisia

Ballroom dance classes in Boise
Boise Ballroom  Dance Lessons
Boise Ballroom Dance Classes
Intermediate Class
This course is designed to allow those that  are ready to continue learning more intricate patterns and become more proficient in timing, footwork and technique. Covering the beginning and intermediate levels. Covering the same core 7 dances of Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Swing, Cha-cha, Mambo and Rumba.
We also cover new dances such as: Salsa, Hustle, Night Club Two Step, Samba, Bolero, West Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Merengue, Argentine Tango, Batchata & Viennese Waltz. This class is ongoing in nature as there is no beginning and no end to this class. We will stay on one dance until we are finished with the Bronze level in that dance or 6 weeks, whichever comes first..
Continuation  into the Silver  advanced I level  follows the requirements of this class.

Notes: There is a shoe requirement for this level. Once students complete 14 dances in this level, they may take the Silver level material in the dances that they have previously completed. A Partner is strongly recommended at this level. Regular dance events are necessary to your continued learning. One private lesson per month is encouraged. Practice attire is encouraged, but not required.

Pre requisites: Knowledge of at least 5 patterns in the American style on at least 6 dances. regardless of syllabus.

Next Start date: May 30 (Please email for confirmation)
Dance: Intermediate Foxtrot
Meeting Times: Fridays evenings at 7:15.
Location: Dance Arts Academy in Meridian
Pricing: Class pass Only. A one time registration  applies only if you  are entering from  another studio. See above for details.

Perks: All intermediate and advanced students recieve 50% off all studio events. Private lesson rates are dropped by $15/ lesson.
for a private dance package.
Beginning Classes For Adults:  
Intermedate Bronze Level

Ballroom classes Boise
                to ballroom dance class!
We are so fortunate to be able to hold  classes and events in the Dance Arts Academy building. The Dance Arts Academy building is a state of the art facility with a large lobby and floating maple wood floors. Scroll down and find a class that would best suit you and your dance dreams.

We can't wait to meet you!
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Class fees are listed below.
Advanced I Silver Level
Coming Soon.
*Eight Week Beginning Swing Series.
No registration fee  *  Discounted Series. Highest discount for couples and those who register by May 23.
Four weeks of Lindy & four weeks of East Coast Swing!
Fridays at 8:15pm-9:00pm.
May 30- July 25 (No class on July 4)
*The posting of this class grants no guarantee that this class will open. Opening depends on pre-registration numbers .

Dance Arts Academy Building.
Partner recommended.

$72/Single or $112/Couple     
Prepaid registration required by May 23.

  1 Day Summer Dance Camps for Teens. Ages 15-19. In Meridian.
Introduction to American Style Camp for teens.
Monday, June 23.
American Smooth
12:00 Introduction to American Style Waltz
12:45 Introduction to American Style Tango
American Rhythm
1:30 Introduction to American Style Cha-cha
2:15 Introduction to American Style Swing

$36/single or $56/couple for all 4 sessions.

Prepaid registration required by June 16. I will need at least 5 pre paid to open this class.
Introduction to International Style Camp for teens.
Monday. June 30.
International Standard
12:00 Introduction to International Style Foxtrot
12:45 Introduction to International Style Quickstep
International Latin
1:30 Introduction to International Style Rumba
2:15 Introduction to International Style Jive.

$36/Single or $56/couple for all 4 sesions.

Prepaid registration required by June 23. I will need at least 5 pre paid to open this class
Summer Dance Camps
Purchase here.
We must have at least 5 people prepaid by May 23 to open this class.
$6.60/couple or $4.60/single  credit card fee applies
Coming Late Fall 2014
Argentine Tango.
Beginning Argentine Tango- Milonga (Social Argentine Tango)
This will be for beginning dancers who have never been introduced to Argentine Tango. We will be learning some of the beginning syllabus figures for 5 weeks. Each class will end with a short 15 minute practica or practice. Although this social style and level will probably not be the showdance material that you often see on TV, it is the perfect starting place to start your dance education. If we have enough interest after the five weeks have completed, we may open a Level II social class or student may transfer into the beginning Fantaisia class to learn the more svelte and sexy showdance style.

Partner required.
$127/Couple. Must have at least three couples to open this class.

Click here to see  a demonstration of  Argentine Tango-Milonga

Argentine Tango Fantiasia
Beginning Fantiasia. (Showdance Tango)
If you have been dreaming of dancing Argentine Tango as they do on TV, this is the class for you. We will be learning just a few of the smooth and sexy showdance steps to this dance for four weeks that will add to what you have learned in the beginning class. We will then amalgamate them into a simple 1.5 minute choreography that you will be showcasing at the *spring showcase in Meridian. Students will gain a free admission to the event for your dancing pleasure.

Partner required.
Previous Beginning Argentine Tango-Milonga Class is required.
* Showcase is required for this class.
$127/couple. Must have at least three couples to open this class.
*Posting of these classes grants no guarantee that these classes will open. Opening will depend on pre-registration numbers.
*The posting of these classes grants no guarantee that these classes will open. Opening will depend on pre-registration numbers.
$80/single or $120/couple at the door by check or  exact cash only. Please email for registration form before May 23.
(If we have enough pre-registered by creidt card.)
A $2.80/single or $3.80/couple credit card fee is applied.
A $2.80/Single or $3.80/Couple credit card fee is applied.
$40/Single or $64/couple at the door.
Check or exact cash only. Please email for
registration form by June 16.
$40/Single or $64/couple at the door.
Check or exact cash only. Please email for
registration form by June 23.
Pre-register here.
Pre-register here.
Beginning classes are very difficult to fill during the warmer months.
The Swing series will be the only beginning class I will be offering this summer to beginning adults.Regular ongoing classes for adults will resume in the fall.

Thank you for understanding.
Date TBA.