Ballroom dance classes in Boise
Boise Ballroom  Dance Lessons
Boise Ballroom Dance Classes
Intermediate Class   
This course is designed to allow those that  are ready to continue learning more intricate patterns and become more proficient in timing, footwork and technique. Covering the beginning and intermediate levels. This class is ongoing in nature as there is no beginning and no end to this class. We will stay on one dance until we are finished with the Bronze level in that dance or 6 weeks, whichever comes first.

Notes: There is a shoe requirement for this level. Once students complete the required number of dances in this level, they may take the Silver level material in the dances that they have previously completed. A Partner is strongly recommended at this level. Regular dance events are necessary to your continued learning. One private lesson per month is encouraged. Practice attire is encouraged, but not required.

Pre requisites: Knowledge of at least 5 patterns in at least 6 dances. regardless of syllabus or style
Meeting Times: Fridays evenings 7:15-8:15.
Location: Dance Arts Academy in Meridian
Pricing: Class pass Only.

Perks: All intermediate and advanced students recieve 50% off all studio events. Private lesson rates are dropped by $15/lesson from the regular individual pricing.

Continuation into the Silver advanced I level in private lesson format  follows the requirements of this class. Those fufilling the requirements of this class to become advanced I students recieve a $20 discount on the Individual private lesson rate.

for a private dance package.
Intermedate Bronze Level

Ballroom lessons in Eagle & Meridian Idaho
Ready, Get Set, Dance!
A Class Pass is a card that is used to gain entrance into any group class. It is designed to allow you to move freely between classes if you prefer to take more than one class per week. One Class Pass will allow you to take 10 group classes if you are a single or 5 group classes if you are sharing your card as a couple. Dancers love it because there is no monthly tuition, so if you miss a class or two, you still have some time left to get all your classes taken before your card expires, allowing you more freedom. Class passes can be repurchased without a registration fee for continuation. Refunds are not given to unused or partially used cards. Couples have eight weeks to use their card.
Social Success for Beginners Course.
Ongoing course.
For those who have no dance experience. This is an ongoing course with no beginning or end. New dancers may enter the class on any beginning start date given.  This is the best class available to learn  foundational skills! We will be learning social dance, focusing less on choreography and mostly laying solid foundations in a lead/follow format.
Covering each dance for two weeks at the pre-bronze level. Covering the American Style dances of:
Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Cha-cha, Rumba, Salsa/Mambo & Tango.

A partner is strongly recommended as beginning classes do not rotate partners. Singles are welcome with limited space. Dance shoes are recommended, but not required.Students will have the opportunity to move into the Friday night intermediate class for continuation once the beginning requirements of 12 lessons are complete.

In Addition: One half priced studio event per Class Pass purchase (With consistency).
Cost: $100 for a 10 Class Pass + one time registration. ($126.50/Couple or 115.90/Single)
Meets Friday evenings, 8:15-9:00.
Location: Dance Arts Academy, Meridian.

To Register: Email a request for a registration form. Come in 10 minutes early to your first class with a check  made out to  Dance Arts Academy. Exact cash is also accepted if you bring it in an unsealed envelope. Credit cards may be taken online only. Email a request for a link.
Advanced I & II
Silver Advanced I

Gold Advanced II

Resuming Late Spring, 2015

Next Start Date: October 24: Beginning Waltz.
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Just pop into the studio on any start date and pay only $10/person. If you purchase a Class Pass that night, your $10 is applied to your your Class Pass and your first class is FREE!

Class passes MUST be paid for with a personal check the evening of your first class to gain the free class. Credit cards and cash requiring change cannot be accepted during class times.

Please email before arriving so a place may be reserved for you.
Beginning Bronze Level:
Couple friendly classes. Couples may stay together and are not required to rotate and dance with another person.
What is a Class Pass?
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A duplicate class will open on Thursdays at 8:15 in January.
Note: It is always best for beginners to start with a slower dance like Waltz, Rumba, Tango or Foxtrot.