Ballroom dance classes in Boise
Boise Ballroom  Dance Lessons
Boise Ballroom Dance Classes
for a private dance package.

Ballroom lessons in Eagle & Meridian Idaho
A Class Pass is a card that is used to gain entrance into any group class. It is designed to allow you to move freely between classes in all levels. One Class Pass will allow couples to take 5 group classes, singles get 10. Passes are good for three months. Dancers love it because there is no monthly tuition, so if you miss a class or two, you still have some time left to get all your classes taken before your card expires, allowing you more freedom. Class passes can be repurchased without a registration fee for continuation.
Start Dates:
Friday, May 1, Swing.
Those that start on this date should complete the course by August 14.

How to Sign Up:
Bring in a check or exact cash only for your first Class Pass. Come in a few minutes early on any start date. There will be sign up sheets at the front desk. Fill it out and bring it with you into class at 8:30 with your payment. I will assign a class pass to you that night!
Couple friendly classes. Social Success for Beginners class is not rotated, so couples may stay together.
What is a Class Pass?
Social Success for Beginners Course
For those with no dance experience. Introducing Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Cha-cha, Rumba, Mambo/Salsa & Tango. We introduce you to each dance for two weeks. This course is the prerequisite to the Friday night intermediate Bronze class. Partners are strongly recommended as we do not rotate partners in this class. This course is not designed for dancers to "Pick and choose" which dances to learn. All dances in the course are to be used in it's entirety. Singles are invited with limited space. Dance shoes are not required for this level.
Tuition: $100 for a 10 Class Pass + One time registration. ($26.50/Couple or $15.90/Single)
Registration does not need to be repaid when purchasing another card for continuation.
Location: Dance Arts Academy, Meridian.
Meets: Friday evenings, 8:30-9:15
Full Bronze Intermediate
This is the continuation from the Social Success for Beginners Course.  
This course is designed to allow those that  are ready to continue learning more intricate patterns and become more proficient in timing, footwork and technique. This class is ongoing in nature as there is no beginning and no end to this class. We will stay on one dance until we are finished with the Bronze level in that dance or 6 weeks, whichever comes first. Dance shoes are required for this level.
This course runs through the summer and continues all year.
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Ballroom dancing lessons Boise
Ballroom dancing Boise
Stay with your partner! We don't make you rotate!
Intermediate Class
Meets: Friday evenings 7:30 - 8:30. Email for start date.
Location:  Dance Arts Academy, Meridian.
Tuition: Class Pass.
Perks: Half price on all dance events.
*This class runs all year.
Continue dancing at a higher level...All fun, all year!
Advanced I classes coming fall 2015.
Anyone is welcome to watch the 7:30 intermediate class from the lobby any time without an appointment. 
Those serious about joining the beginning course may schedule an appointment to view the beginning course while agreeing to a few courtesy rules.
Please email for more information and to book your appointment.